March Update

(And really, partially a February Update, as I didn’t write a news post for most of February….)

March In Summary

In summary, March was a busy month! March saw:

February In Summary

As I didn’t post an update covering the rest of February, I figure it’s worth mentioning some of the work done here, as well. The end of February saw:

  • The re-posting of most of my short stories and lore articles for the Elder Scrolls universe.
  • The introduction of the character Keelath in the fanfiction series The Rise of Keelath, who has since popped up in a few other shorts.
  • The beginning of the fanfiction series Son of Silvermoon, which has also been continued into March.

The Future?

I have my irons in many fires now, but in April, I hope to focus on these goals:

  • Continuing my Auction House research, including posting the latest findings from the data I took throughout March and the end of February.
  • A restructuring of the site that will be more conducive to organizing series, whether those series belong to the web comic or my fiction.
  • And of course, more web comics! The posting of these will continue on my DeviantArt account as well as here.
  • I may also start doing more Special Editions that show the processes that go into my artwork, as well deleted scenes from my fiction. This will probably always be on a case-to-case basis rather than a scheduled thing, but if there’s ever a question burning in your mind about my work, please leave a comment!

Evelos the Ren’Dorei: Special Edition

I was going through some of my more recent work to get my new web comic set up here on the site (more on that later), and I found I had saved a few work-in-progress sketches for Evelos the Ren’Dorei. I decided to also post these, for those folks who are interested in my process for character sketches.

I admit to sitting here for several minutes trying to decide on a good title for this. Behind the Scenes? Special Edition? Sketches? Doodles? Work in Progress? I-Don’t-Even-Know? This-Is-Too-Long-For-The-Title-Window-So-Someone-Help-Me-Please…? Continue reading “Evelos the Ren’Dorei: Special Edition”

Evelos the Ren’Dorei

A painting of Evelos in his ren’dorei (void elf) form. This was my second attempt at using my new drawing tablet, and my first attempt at adding shading to a character by making use of multiple layers.

finished painting of Evelos the void elf with tentacles

You can read more about how I did this in its accompanying Special Edition post. You can read more about Evelos the character in these posts, though at present, no stories about him once his transformation into a void elf have made it onto this website.

Trials, Part Seven

Like a ballista shot, the troll jammed his spear up and through the elf. Keelath’s body jerked, head snapping forward and then back from the impact, his fierce snarl turning to an expression of surprise.

This time, Keelath remained silent on the trip home, not even commenting when Evelos’ horse took a spook and ended up in the ditch alongside the road, except to calmly point out a low spot it could climb out from again. At first it felt odd, very odd, to Evelos, but he relaxed into it. It was if a tiny barrier had indeed come down between the two of them, and Keelath had stepped back to let Evelos find his own way. Continue reading “Trials, Part Seven”

Trials, Part Six

Evelos squinted at his father. Was he even real? Or had Evelos just fallen into another part of the Trial?

The red-haired magister had left him again. Evelos realized a few moments later that he couldn’t see because he had closed his eyes, but he didn’t remember doing so. Still, he opened them again, and found he was lying in a bed chamber. The furniture was simple but elegant, like one would put in a guest room or an infirmary. He sat up. His father was sitting on a chair beside him, bent over with his fingers laced together as his hands dangled between his legs. He looked up hopefully as Evelos stirred. Continue reading “Trials, Part Six”