Trials, Page Three

Keelath greets Mirium and Evelos. Evelos leaves, seeming upset but feigning that he needs to care for his charger. Keelath speculates Evelos will do better in weapons training. Mirium expresses doubts. Keelath shows Mirium a mysterious scroll, saying she's not the only one who is doubting.
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Keelath: Hello, Mirium, my love. Hello, son. Did you have a good ride?

Evelos: I… I should go get Fleet cooled out.

Keelath: Hmm… Still not clicking for him?

Mirium: No…

Keelath: Well, maybe when we move onto weapons, he’ll take to it.

Mirium: Keelath…

Keelath: Hmm?

Mirium: I’ve been thinking. Maybe this isn’t the right path for Evelos. I know you wish him to become a paladin like you, but he doesn’t have that kind of heart.

Keelath: ….

Keelath: Well… You’re not the only one who thinks so…

*(For those who can’t read my atrocious handwriting.)

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