Trials, Page Four

Mirium reads the scroll Keelath had brought with him. Keelath ties his charger to a post and untacks it while he thinks outloud about Evelos' future. Mirium finally has to shout to get his attention.
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It turns out Evelos isn’t the only worrywart in the family.


Mirium: I don’t understand… I thought the Trials were only for the magi. Why do they want Evelos?

Keelath: Well, the Light is a kind of magic. And with us as his parents…! I’m a paladin. You use it to heal. I am certain he has it in him!

Mirium: Yes, but the Trials usually are for destructive magics…

Keelath: Granted, I have never seen him USE Light magic–

Mirium: Keelath…

Keelath: To fight or to heal–

Mirium: Keelath! He’s probably–

Keelath: But if given the opportunity…! …and this is certainly an opportunity…

Mirium: Keelath…

Keelath: Perhaps this will serve to inspire the boy…

Mirium: Keelath, dearest– I think–

Keelath: It will wake him to his roots as part of the Sunwalkers! We will have to leave on the morrow to make it to Yohon’nai on time…

Mirium: KEELATH!!!

Keelath: Yes?

*(For those who can’t read my atrocious handwriting.)

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