Faded Love Letters

A collection of letters between Keelath and Mirium. This would take place shortly after What Darkness Lies and before Patch 8.2 and the ingame roleplay that took place on that day.

I’m attempting a different kind of formatting for these, as I don’t care for the stars between letters (as seen in Letters Exchanged and elsewhere), but many of them are also too short for full-on separate posts. Let me know if you think it’s any better this way.

Author’s Note

Dear Mirium,

As promised, I write to you.

I think there is not much I can tell you of the fighting here, in case my letters get intercepted, or I upset you. I can tell you it is always dark here now, and so when I write to you, I do it by candlelight.

That is about it. I only wanted you to know I was thinking of you. I hope you are well, and Tyrdan and the rest of the family.



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