Selected Letters

Dear Keelath,

When you keep insisting nothing indecent went on, I begin to wonder!

Maybe she does need further help, but maybe it also cannot come from you. Did you ever think of that? Sometimes we can only pray to the Light to help others see their own truth. Does it hurt you now to pray? If not, maybe it’d help set you at ease.

Lellith is coming to visit Tyrdan soon, I hear. I thought it best to warn you, so you can prepare or at least find some far off outpost to be at. She had a fight with her daughter earlier. The squires are all talking about how Tyrdan kissed a demon at the Lounge or some such nonsense. How impressionable they are! Maybe the demon was Lellith in disguise and that was why she was so angry, at being found out? Oh, I shouldn’t jest so, that’s hardly better than the squires’ tittering, but you have to admit it’s fun!



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