Selected Letters

Dear Mirium,

I remember Rosen, but perhaps I had better tell you about that later…

Yes, my fight with Tyrdan was about Lellith, and my thoughts on the barony—after he had asked me to say those thoughts, mind you. I do not think he understands me; sometimes I think he is too much enamored by who I was, and doesn’t conceive that who I am now is by necessity different, and that I cannot always find common ground with him.

I told him, as I now tell you, that I left the manor to keep myself from doing something I’d regret over these issues, but also to keep you both from being hurt by my reality. Many of my kind revel in the pain-making. I am no different, but I have the honor to not inflict it on family. Here through letters I can control it, at least, but I don’t think he understands these much better. I wrote a letter to him while he was a prisoner of war in Stormwind, and he does not seem to have taken it in any good humor.

 I think he’s grown weary of me now, and I have no answers for him beyond I have always been straightforward in my opinions, and have already taken steps to soften the blows as much as they may. Sometimes I want to tell him, though, that I cannot hold much sympathy for him when he puts his nose in it yet again to try and change what I do not think changeable for me, or others. And we both leave feeling judged and unhappy.

There, that is a worry for you, put to paper as you have been asking. I would say I hope you appreciate it, but that would probably have across as sarcastic—when such is not meant. 



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