The Story of Seryth, Chapters 8-10

This is part of a Living Story Roleplay. Seryth is a character existing in the World of Warcraft, with whom I play through the game’s quests and world but add a different spin of my own creation on top. If you can find me ingame, you can also interact with Seryth yourself! (Note these interactions might not always make their way into the storyline, if only because they can be a pain to properly transcribe. You never know, though!)

Navigation Tips

Each chapter is headed by an image like this one. You can click on the chapter headings for a bigger image for easier reading, or find a transcription inside the image’s alt text.

Prologue: Born and raised in Westfall, there was nothing more interesting about Seryth than the face he was a half-elf and possessed a rotten temper...

The numbered buttons below allow you to navigate to different chapters contained in this post. Each post usually comprises a day’s questing and journaling, and the fully finished story will likely take up several of these; other posts can be found using the series menu, which should either be on the right side of your screen (if you’re on a PC) or at the bottom of the post past the comments section (if you’re on a phone).

Happy hunting!

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