Deleted Scene: Chapter 19 of Seryth’s Story

Chapter 19: Seryth didn't know how long he lay convalescing for. The air seemed to be of a different quality, less musty than the dwarven bunkers, more open and airy like the wilderness. Though he only opened his eyes a few times, and recognized what he saw even less, he could tell the hangings and carvings on the walls around him weren't made by any dwarf or human. They were made by quel'dorei. His kin. He was in Quel'Danil.

He was roused out of bed sometime in the middle of the night, however many weeks or months it was later. Vaguely, from a panicked courier, he heard they were being attacked. The elves put him on a courser, and it was all he could do to hang on as it charged through their attackers. He recognized pale skin and sickly countenances, like the elves of the doomed lodge in the Plaguelands. He couldn’t put two and two together though, trusting his escort to see him through the thick of the battle and away. Continue reading “Deleted Scene: Chapter 19 of Seryth’s Story”

Seryth’s Story: Commentary

After re-reading through the last chapter of Seryth’s Story (19 as of this post), I realized there were some changes I wanted to make to the direction of his storyline that’d require some retcons. It seemed like a perfect time to talk about why I’m experimenting with this technique, and some of the pitfalls and bloopers I’ve already run into while using it. Continue reading “Seryth’s Story: Commentary”