War Front, Book Two

How does Azzir manage to do farrier work when he has a bad back? Don’t ask me. The scene wrote itself. I swear!

Author’s Note

“Hey, ashskin! I’ve got a treat for you.”

Azzir looked up, wiping the sweat from his forehead. The horse he was shoeing shifted experimentally, and Azzir hiked its hoof up a little further between his legs. A few futile pumps of the leg later, it sighed and relaxed, and Azzir did also, shifting his grip down the leg.

“I’m a little busy,” he told the Nord looking at him from between the slats of the blacksmith shed.

“Naw, but this is a treat you can’t miss,” said Gaolyf. “They captured one of those Khajiit cat beasts in from the front. Continue reading “War Front, Book Two”

War Front, Book One

Finally I turn to getting some of my old fan fictions from Elder Scrolls posted up on the blog here. This introduces a new (but old) character of mine, Azzir the Ordinator.

Though his concept originally comes from the game Morrowind, this version of him is set in Elder Scrolls Online. Though I’m not fond of what ESO did to Tamriel’s lore, I tried to remain faithful to its setting with this piece. The war referenced here is the Three Banners War in which Dunmer and Nords served together against the Altmeri Dominion.

Author’s Note

The shrill whinny rent the pre-dawn air, like a knife cutting through a fresh pat of scuttle.

Aizar lay face-up in his cot, considering the tent walls slowly growing lighter with the approaching day, and the icicles forming along the center pole, courtesy of his breath in the frosty morning. All around him came the soft snores and wheezes from the others housed in the healer’s tent, even the most restless among them having finally found sleep at this hour. All was quiet.

Until that shrill whinny came again, echoing in the hills surrounding the Pact fort. Continue reading “War Front, Book One”

Tyrric’s Madness

Inspired by a roleplay scene, as what was going through Tyrric’s head while the Sunwalker crew discussed how to cure him of his Void corruption. This would take place shortly after Tyrric was rescued from Ny’alotha, the Black City of N’Zoth.

Author’s Note

Alelsa poked him in the ribs. At first he was merely annoyed: he wanted to sleep. Then, as she continued to poke, talked over him, he came more alert. Memories about who and where he was started to coalesce.

The expedition into the Black City had ended poorly. Everything had made sense until then. Now, nothing did, and the danger was — seemed? — constant. Continue reading “Tyrric’s Madness”

First Part of Great Revision is Complete!

As mentioned aaaaaaall the way back in September 2020, I’ve been wanting to go back over Keelath and Mirium’s posts and bang them into better shape for a while now. I’m thus happy to announce the first part of the Great Revision is now completed, with the series “What Darkness Lies” fully edited and re-ordered to better taste!

Unfortunately this editing has highlighted a problem with my blog software, where the plugin I use to order series on the Fan Fiction page has broken and only lists posts in order of the date they were originally posted instead of the order I’ve specified. I’m still investigating why this happens, but until then, the proper order of these chapters goes like this:

  1. What Darkness Lies, Part 1
  2. What Darkness Lies, Part 2
  3. What Darkness Lies, Part 3
  4. What Darkness Lies, Part 4
  5. What Darkness Lies, Part 5 (NSFW)
  6. What Darkness Lies, Part 6
  7. What Darkness Lies, Part 7
  8. Faded Love Letters
  9. Selected Letters
  10. What Darkness Lies, Finale

The Rise of Keelath” has also seen a facelift during this update, with some of the lore behind Keelath’s first adventures now better explained.

Next up in the Great Revision are some posts that interweave with the “Brothers Apart” series. Due to one of the main actors ducking out of this plotline halfway through, I expect most of this editing to be along the lines of fully converting the old storylines of Tyrdan and Lellith into that of Tyrric and Alelsa, as well as explaining just where the true Lellith got off to in the process. Hopefully this will make the Sunwalker story a little more coherent to any of whom have not been following their progress in-game.

Once that is complete, I’m finally casting a eye to converting more material from Discord and forum roleplays into posts along the lines of the new “Awakening” series. So far this mostly involves the Sunwalker family, again, but eventually you may see some old friends from another favorite universe of mine.

A Knight’s Purpose

“Are we just both naive?” asked Keelath, a note of forlornity in his voice.
“I suppose you have to be, to want to keep living,” said Mirium. “When we stop striving for something, for anything at all, we die.”

Yes, I looked it up. Forlornity is indeed a word.

Author’s Note

“Sylvanas was sighted in Ardenweald.”

Mirium looked up slowly at his words. Keelath stood in the doorway. There was something about his stance that in a living man would have suggested having run a marathon. A living man would be panting however, holding onto the doorframe like it was the only thing holding him up. Keelath, being undead, didn’t tire, and he didn’t breathe. Still, she could imagine him gripping the doorframe so tight he would have ripped it from the wall if he took a step forwards. Continue reading “A Knight’s Purpose”