Dragon Thing

quick sketch of a dragon on grayscale mountain background

I sketched this out while listening to a podcast. I did no clean-up on this image, just black sketch lines, followed by some color with an acrylic brush, followed by more acrylic brush in grayscale to create the impression of mountains, finished out with a gradient underneath it all.

There’s actually two backgrounds here: the top half is a mountain dropback, as if the Dragon Thing is lower down in the valley, while the bottom half is distant mountains, like the Dragon Thing is standing on another peak. I couldn’t decide which I liked better, so I did both!


somewhat impressionistic painting of horse hooves over desert ground

A quick experiment, using some different brushes on Medibang Paint Pro to create an impressionistic background.

Fun fact: technically, this horse color can’t exist. The first hoof is a white sock on a chestnut. The back hoof is a bay or black. You can’t be chestnut and bay/black at the same time.

Conversion: Chapter 3

Living Story Excerpt

Chapter 3: The rewards for the gnoll-slaying and the farm chores were enough for Seryth to break even on his losses, but not enough to turn any profit. Seryth knew his father would be furious if he didn't come home with some extra silver to justify the trip. As he wandered the streets of Stormwind pondering the dilemma, Seryth was stopped by a dwarf smith who offered him coin if he took a message to Loch Modan. Loch Modan was a long way away, but the courier fees would more than cover the profits Seryth had expected to get from his now-stolen harvest. Seyth told the dwarf he would think about it and that he'd return in the evening if he decided to take the smith up on the job. The dwarf grumbled for him not to take too long.

While in the city, Seryth helped a child catch wayward balloons, bought himself a hat that was too big for him, and met a gnome with a pet bear named “Mangeclaw” that Seryth swore he had seen before, though it wasn’t clear to him why that’d be so, bears being a rare sight in Westfall.

Throughout it all, the calico cat continued to follow him. Continue reading “Conversion: Chapter 3”

The Shaping of Seryth

The Story of Seryth continues! Mind you, I’m not entirely sure where I’ll go with this one. Unlike Seryth’s original tale and now Ezran’s, I don’t have a clear idea in my head of his story’s progression other than that he (maybe) redeems himself. I suppose we will put the brainstorming technique of Living Story Roleplay to the test, then!

If you haven’t read my other Living Story Roleplays, then read the following for some navigation tips: Each chapter is headed by an image with text inside; if you have trouble reading the text, a transcript can be found in the alt text. The numbered buttons at the bottom of the page allow you to change chapters.

Happy hunting!

Conversion: Chapter 1, Part 5

Living Story Excerpt

Knowing his father would kill him (figuratively) if he returned empty-handed, Seryth pressed on to Stormwind, thinking perhaps he could find some other odd jobs to make up the difference before he returned home… Continue reading “Conversion: Chapter 1, Part 5”