The Shaping of Seryth, Chapters 6 – 8

Chapter 7: Seryth returned to find Ravandwyr entertaining the goblins again, this time by turning their companion into a living popsicle for a few seconds at a time. Seryth waited until the elf was done, then related to him what he found at the ruins of Arklon.

Ravandwyr and his collegue conferred. Ravandwyr showed Seryth how the draenic crystal he had recovered was the cap of a staff. The ren’dorei wished to recreate it, but would need more crystals to do so.

Ravandwyr looked up at Seryth with a slight smirk. Seryth sighed. He was used to this drill by now. He directed Malfas to another set of draenic ruins: Enkaat.

Unlike the ruins of Arklon, there were no demons at Enkaat. Instead, there were ghosts. Seryth wondered how long the undead draenei had been staying in the ruins and what had happened to bind them to the physical realm.

They hoarded the crystals he was after just the same, and most were just as eager to attack his felhound as they would have any other demon. Seryth supposed he was at least putting them out of misery by returning the attacks with his destructive magic.

Ravandwyr thanked Seryth for his recovering the crystals, packing them away in a magical lockbox. Seryth chatted with him a little more about the presence of the ren’dorei in Netherstorm. The ren’dorei studied the Void, Ravandwyr explained, though unlike what the sin’dorei claimed, they wanted to understand it so they could protect others from it, rather than continuing its destructive goals on Azeroth. Malfas snorted and told Seryth he had told him so.

“I guess that doesn’t sound so bad,” said Seryth. “Torvos in Shattrath was convinced you were planning to assault Silvermoon, through the portals kept open in Shattrath.”

“He loves Silvermoon, so he can’t perceive of anyone wishing anything but to return to that city,” said Ravandwyr.

“I hoped to see it one day myself,” said Seryth.

“Ravandwyr seemed trustworthy and sympathetic, so Seryth went on to tell him about the whelpling and its issues with only having half a soul.

“There is a ren’dorei in Stormwind who has–“

“I know,” said Seryth quickly. “And I cannot go to Stormwind. I am seeking anima, and to that end I must prepare my–this whelp for the crossing into the Shadowlands. I was seeking mana to bolster us, first, or perhaps even serve as its substitute.”

“You’ve come to the right place for that,” Ravandwyr said dryly, indicating the mana forge looming in the distance.

“Your people there have not been very friendly. I can’t even get close.”

“Do you blame them?” said Ravandwyr in the same dry tone. “I could perhaps teach you to siphon mana from the Nether itself, but the best location for learning that is in the outskirts of Netherstorm, not here.”

“Malfas can carry us both,” said Seryth.

“I have tasks that keep me here,” said Ravandwyr, “but perhaps I can give you a communication device. Take it there, and activate it, and I will try to guide you through the rest.”

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