Evelos the Ren’Dorei: Special Edition

I was going through some of my more recent work to get my new web comic set up here on the site (more on that later), and I found I had saved a few work-in-progress sketches for Evelos the Ren’Dorei. I decided to also post these, for those folks who are interested in my process for character sketches.

I admit to sitting here for several minutes trying to decide on a good title for this. Behind the Scenes? Special Edition? Sketches? Doodles? Work in Progress? I-Don’t-Even-Know? This-Is-Too-Long-For-The-Title-Window-So-Someone-Help-Me-Please…? Continue reading “Evelos the Ren’Dorei: Special Edition”

Evelos the Ren’Dorei

A painting of Evelos in his ren’dorei (void elf) form. This was my second attempt at using my new drawing tablet, and my first attempt at adding shading to a character by making use of multiple layers.

finished painting of Evelos the void elf with tentacles

You can read more about how I did this in its accompanying Special Edition post. You can read more about Evelos the character in these posts, though at present, no stories about him once his transformation into a void elf have made it onto this website.