Tyrric’s Madness, Part Two

More and more, as days went by, hunger kept Tyrric from slipping off into that private realm of peace that he maintained somewhere between consciousness and sleep. Instead of day-dreaming of a land far away, where no monster of the Void could ever reach, he found himself dragged back into reality by hunger pains. Continue reading “Tyrric’s Madness, Part Two”

Conversion: Chapter 1, Part 3

Living Story Excerpt

Seryth found the gnolls dragging what was left of his supplies to their leader, Hogger, as a tribute. As Seryth planned how to steal his things back, a unit of Watch guards broke from the bushes, slaying the gnolls and laying irons on Hogger. Seryth’s crops were trampled under the hooves of their horses.

Stil angered by the interruption to his trip, Seryth demanded the guards repay him for the damages. The guards laughed, telling him they’d give him some coin–if he helped thin the numbers of the gnolls in the bargain. Continue reading “Conversion: Chapter 1, Part 3”

Conversion: Chapter 1, Part 2

For sake of my own motivation, I’m going to try to keep posting the converted form of Seryth’s Story as it might appear in a novel to this blog. For more information on the process and why I’m doing this, see Seryth’s Story, which starts in this post, and Part 1 of Chapter 1, which can be found here. Continue reading “Conversion: Chapter 1, Part 2”

Elder Scrolls Fan Fics Now Up!

Two new fan fiction series are up! …though I suppose I shouldn’t call them “new”, because they were actually written years ago.

War Front” introduces the character Azzir, who I hope to expand more in future writings as an Ordinator with a skooma problem.

The second series, “Lives of the Saints“, is quite a long series I will probably turn into a novel at some point. As it is, it’s stretching my Fan Fiction page to the point I’ll need to go about changing the formatting of my blog sooner rather than later! This series introduces the characters of Shizzal (based on a certain other name you might know, Kevaar) and Drai: an outlander Dunmer and an Ashlander who have a mysterious connection to each other. These characters will also probably show up in a later series, since they do come into contact with Azzir, as well as certain other key characters from their own storyline.

Until I figure out the formatting thing, you can find both these series and more like them under Fan Fiction. I’ve also included links to them below, since “Lives of the Saints” is rather long, and the entries aren’t numbered like most of my other series are.



  1. War Front, Book One
  2. War Front, Book Two
  3. War Front, Book Three
  4. War Front, Book Four
  5. War Front, Book Five


  1. Shizzal Awakens
  2. Zeketah Expresses Displeasure
  3. A Farseer Counsels Drai
  4. Drai Has a Vision
  5. Drai Hesitates
  6. Shizzal Takes His Leave
  7. Shizzal Gets a New Job
  8. Shizzal’s First Heist; A Chicken Crows
  9. Hasami Buys a Slave
  10. Shizzal Talks Back
  11. Shizzal Performs a Summoning
  12. Thyadras Plans a Raid
  13. Thyadras’ Raid Goes Awry
  14. Drai Sees a Ghost
  15. Keeps-Low Keeps Low
  16. Shizzal Meets an Old Friend
  17. Mutual Betrayals
  18. Shizzal Flees
  19. Nidalave Watches A Battle
  20. An Unlikely Ally
  21. Drai Returns
  22. Shizzal’s Premonition
  23. The Bridge
  24. Shizzal Prays
  25. Drai Sees Another Ghost
  26. Shizzal and Drai Declare Their Allegiances
  27. Tengri Burns
  28. Drai and Shizzal Conspire
  29. Drai Enacts a Plan
  30. Thoughts AWhirl
  31. Drai Dreams
  32. Drai Has Doubts
  33. Drai Mourns
  34. Drai Remembers His Past, Is Caught in a Blast
  35. Drai Remembers More
  36. A Mother Returns
  37. Drai Refuses a Prostitute (NSFW)
  38. Drai Remembers Exile
  39. Drai At Peace
  40. Rakhulbi Returns

Drai At Peace

Years had passed. Other scenes had come and gone. He picked up each of them like shards of a broken burial urn, holding them stupidly as if he couldn’t believe anyone could’ve been so callous as to desecrate the dead inside. He couldn’t bring himself to piece them together though, only stare, like a warrior hit with a paralysis charm.

And as he stared numbly into space, over eons, a thought slowly coalesced in Drai’s mind. Continue reading “Drai At Peace”

Drai Remembers Exile

It wasn’t the beginning of the memory, but it was the thing that stood out to him the strongest.

He was looking into the face of the gulakhan. Rakhulbi shook from head to foot, like he was in a blizzard with no clothes on. And like a blizzard, the gulakhan just stared at him long and hard, no sympathy, no movement. Continue reading “Drai Remembers Exile”

Drai Refuses a Prostitute (NSFW)

Rated Not-Safe-For-Work for obvious reasons.

Author’s Note

The woman drew her fingers along Drai’s cheek, and he shivered in anticipation. The incense she had lit was cloyingly thick, but Drai found he liked it.

It masked the scent of her, the animal smell of sweat and tired fear. He could lose himself in it, as he lost himself in her, believe they were both in a better world at the edge of dawn… Continue reading “Drai Refuses a Prostitute (NSFW)”

A Mother Returns


He said it in his waking voice — or as close to waking as counted now. Drai lifted his hand up to brush tears away, but his hand never met his face, because he had neither. Dying echoes of a reality no longer his.

The memory of Rakhulbi had been crying, but now it was frozen in time. Drai stared glumly into the face that had once been his — less tattooed and without the cragginess of an adult Dunmer, but still his. He wondered if anyone would have recognized him. Would… …? He could not remember her name. He let the thought go. Maybe it would never come back. Continue reading “A Mother Returns”

Drai Remembers More

Damn, years later, and this one still gets to me.

Author’s Note

The silence lasted for what felt like days, though there was no telling in the — wherever this was. Oblivion? Drai had gone spirit-walking a few times before while under the Urshilaku farseer’s tutelage, but always with a strong connection to his body. Now he was Shriven, and there was no telling what corner of the Mundus his spirit had been flung to after his battle with the servant of Mephala. In this darkness, he felt reality slipping away from him.

And with it, slowly, his sanity.

The child Rakhulbi still sat where he had been when Drai came here, now staring into nothing, more like a statue than a person. It was a representation of a memory, Drai realized, inert while it wasn’t activated. Was it the only memory left to him? he wondered.

He didn’t want to think about it. But what else was there to think about? In the solitude, it was the only touchstone of the life he had once had. Even the pain of remembering was better than the unreality pressing in on all sides.

Scared, but desperate, Drai sat down next to the scrawny little Dunmer, and reached out to touch him… Continue reading “Drai Remembers More”