Hasami Buys a Slave

The Redguard had exchanged his grip on Shizzal’s wrist for a steel cuff, and walked up the docks with a quick, certain stride. Shizzal followed after him sullenly, not heeding the occasional jerk on the chain, even if failing to keep up dragged him a few feet. He was trying hard not to think about the prison waiting for him, with the result he was thinking only about the prison waiting for him. Continue reading “Hasami Buys a Slave”

Shizzal’s First Heist; A Chicken Crows

“Hey, guttersnipe! I’ve got a job for you.”

Shizzal stopped, peering around at the beckoning vagabond. A young Dunmer could never be too careful in this part of town. Shizzal had no doubt he could outrun and out-swim the older pirates if it came to that, so he lingered out of curiosity.

“What d’you want?” he asked. Continue reading “Shizzal’s First Heist; A Chicken Crows”

Drai Hesitates

The Dunmer down below didn’t look like a Temple heretic. If anything, he looked more like a simple traveler. His guar was picketed a few yards from his campfire, and the Dunmer himself sat humming as he stirred a stew pot. The scene seemed relaxed, bucolic.

But Drai knew the cut of the man’s robes anywhere. The House Dunmer were smart enough not to wear robes in the Temple’s telltale red and gold while in Ashlander territory, but they still didn’t comprehend that the Ashlanders weren’t fooled by such a simple disguise. The signs were there for those who knew where to look. Continue reading “Drai Hesitates”

Drai Has a Vision

The words of prophecy Drai hears are shamelessly stolen from the Nerevarine and Bloodmoon prophecies in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Author’s Note

Drai dreamed that night. On waking, he couldn’t remember much beyond visions of fire and blood, and a lone red jackal nipping at his heels. Continue reading “Drai Has a Vision”

Zeketah Expresses Displeasure

The sun faded, shining golden through the lake’s reeds. Cicadas grew louder in the tall grasses, only quieted now and then by a brisk warm breeze whipping through the fronds, billowing in yurt flaps that were not tied down.

Drai sat cleaning the pelt of a fresh kill under the eaves of his tent, meticulously scraping off fur with his hunting knife. The pelt was–or had been–a deer, come down from the Velothi Mountains perhaps, or maybe escaped from the Mournhold market. He had heard stories about that. Some Nord or enterprising Imperial would try to sell the creatures as pets. They would invariably escape, or die from the bad air blowing off of Morrowind’s volcanoes. Outlanders didn’t last long in the Vale, furred or otherwise. Continue reading “Zeketah Expresses Displeasure”

Shizzal Awakens

Two more Elder Scrolls characters introduced today: Shizzal the Outlander and Drai the Ashlander. You might remember this pair from the introduction for “Of Fire Ants and Hooms“. This new series, which I’m titling “Lives of the Saints” for reasons of my own, gives more background into how these two characters met and why they became so important to each other over the course of their adventures.

The ordering of the scenes in this series proved problematic, as they were interwoven with roleplay plots from the Elder Scrolls Online that spanned a few years. Some of the details of those plots are now lost to time, and so I’ve condensed those scenes down to be more relevant to Shizzal and Drai’s storyline.

Author’s Note

“Don’t move!”

This was it, Shizzal thought groggily, as consciousness returned. Continue reading “Shizzal Awakens”