To Protect and Preserve, Part Three

“Is that the same horse?” called one of the officers, and Evelos grinned, but couldn’t find the breath to spare for an answer when Protector, sensing his slipping attention, tried to break into a canter.

It was another long day, with several difficult forensic tests and a patient who couldn’t stop staring at his tentacles like he was some kind of monster. Evelos had almost forgotten the courser until it pushed its head through the window of his cottage at the sound of his approach, maneuvering its horn through the small opening with almost comical delicacy. Continue reading “To Protect and Preserve, Part Three”

To Protect and Preserve, Part Two

Evelos hadn’t yet built a paddock or barn for his new horse, seeing as how he hadn’t expected to own one until his impulsive choice at the barn of the criminally neglectful farmer. He only hesitated a little before bringing the ragged courser right with in into his cottage. Continue reading “To Protect and Preserve, Part Two”

To Protect and Preserve, Part One

The courser was eying him just as studiously, and when Evelos went to pull on the handle of the stall door, it sprung into motion. Its horn, still sharp and strong, cracked deep into the wood of the enclosure. Evelos sprung away, shaking. If there hadn’t been four inches of heavy wood between them, he would have been speared.

I used to volunteer at a horse rescue. Some of what Evelos goes through here was inspired by those experiences Continue reading “To Protect and Preserve, Part One”