Seryth’s Story: Commentary

After re-reading through the last chapter of Seryth’s Story (19 as of this post), I realized there were some changes I wanted to make to the direction of his storyline that’d require some retcons. It seemed like a perfect time to talk about why I’m experimenting with this technique, and some of the pitfalls and bloopers I’ve already run into while using it. Continue reading “Seryth’s Story: Commentary”

Da Doctas Tour

Da Doctas Tour was an event for the Summer Festival of 2020, put on by < Da Doctas > guild with some help from the < Shadow Kingdom > guild. Though normally most of our Summer Festival exploits have been logged in our main thread on the official forums, this one had so many screenshots that I thought it easier on the eye and the copy-pasting to compile them here on my website instead.

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How to Improve Warcraft Crafting

I can’t comprehend how some of these things passed testing because basic math…? But at any rate, we’re going to be constructive here, so here’s some ideas to correct the problems with crafting.

Background of This Article

Every so often I’ve been known to post suggestions for improved gameplay on the official World of Warcraft forums. While I have some downtime in light of the coronavirus epidemic (don’t worry, I’m more than safe where I’m at, just stuck at home for a while!), I decided to repost a few of these on my blog here. Continue reading “How to Improve Warcraft Crafting”

How to Attend Public Roleplay Events As a Shy Nerd

The first and most obvious step, that somehow people still miss: if a roleplay event sounds interesting and is stated to be open to the public, than go see what it’s about! Don’t let your shy nerdiness stop you.

Hello, readers! Though you may have seen this post first on Wowhead and then on the official forums, I decided it was well past time to include it on my official blog. Continue reading “How to Attend Public Roleplay Events As a Shy Nerd”

Quick and Dirty Guide: FAILures and How to Become EPIC Instead

Don’t view skill as a talent–“you either have it or you don’t” mentality–but as a journey and a challenge.

It’s an unfortunately all-too-common conversation when you’re a raid leader–or leader of any kind of content, including Mythic dungeons and PvP–and it often starts something like this… Continue reading “Quick and Dirty Guide: FAILures and How to Become EPIC Instead”

A Quick and Dirty Guide: Talent Builds

For an introduction to this series as well as a quick reminder about the dangers of min-maxing, check out my previous two guides: Endgame Gearing and Endgame Gearing, Part 2. Otherwise, read on for some tips about choosing the best talents for your World of Warcraft character! Continue reading “A Quick and Dirty Guide: Talent Builds”

A Quick and Dirty Guide: Endgame Gearing, Part 2

About this series: so I kept finding myself giving the same old tips over and over to new members incoming to my raid or Mythic+ teams in World of Warcraft, all to do with getting the best gear or which class specialization (spec) to choose for endgame content. I finally figured I might as well just compile all that advice here on my blog, if only to reduce my workload down to just throwing them a link instead of giving a dissertation every single time someone asks me in Discord!

So behold: Yotingo’s quick and dirty guide for getting into the PvE (Player vs. Environment) scene in World of Warcraft. This installment covers some of the specifics of choosing gear. If you find yourself under-performing, there is a good chance that your gear is bad, so here are some ways to narrow in on the issue and fix it! Continue reading “A Quick and Dirty Guide: Endgame Gearing, Part 2”