a web comic depicting a World of Warcraft raid reacting to an inappropriate remark from Dorasmus the undead mage
Also known as: Dora being Dora.

There wasn’t really a good way to reword this one so as to be appropriate. Part of the humor of Dorasmus’ lines was the alliteration, and monkeys “fudging” a football just didn’t have the same effect. Yes, he really said that. Continue reading “Awkward”

Child of Light

digital art portrait of Mirum, blood elf paladin, holding Aubraan, her infant son, upfront of a light-filled window

Here is Mirium and her infant son, Aubraan. This image was inspired by my writing a scene in which Aubraan was nomming on Mirium’s pauldron. Someone said I should draw it, so I did!

Getting the color balance on this one correct made me want to pull out my hair. The background started out as blue, then green, and now purple. I also had to over-saturate the characters’ skin tones so they would pop out properly among the rest of the busy picture.

This is one of the first pictures I attempted adding sun glow and reverse shadows to, too. If you see purple shadows on an object instead of a darker shadow of its normal color, that’s the reverse shadow effect.

If the future, I should probably remind myself to smooth out the shading.

Dragon Thing

quick sketch of a dragon on grayscale mountain background

I sketched this out while listening to a podcast. I did no clean-up on this image, just black sketch lines, followed by some color with an acrylic brush, followed by more acrylic brush in grayscale to create the impression of mountains, finished out with a gradient underneath it all.

There’s actually two backgrounds here: the top half is a mountain dropback, as if the Dragon Thing is lower down in the valley, while the bottom half is distant mountains, like the Dragon Thing is standing on another peak. I couldn’t decide which I liked better, so I did both!


somewhat impressionistic painting of horse hooves over desert ground

A quick experiment, using some different brushes on Medibang Paint Pro to create an impressionistic background.

Fun fact: technically, this horse color can’t exist. The first hoof is a white sock on a chestnut. The back hoof is a bay or black. You can’t be chestnut and bay/black at the same time.