Carpe Diem, Page 12

You hold your breath to keep totally quiet; it feels as if your heart is about to burst through your chest. The remaining guards return and assess the situation. Instead of looking for you, they make sport of Eustace’s dead body. All of them then lift up their codpieces and begin relieving themselves on Eustace’s lifeless body as he lies there in the ditch. You can feel the utter contempt behinds their jesting.

One says, “Ha! Another dead rebel. The captain will like this! Let’s get a move on, lads. If our luck holds up, we’ll find their hideout soon!”

They set out on their patrol again. Once they move on, you get up from behind the tree trunk that hid you and look down at Eustace’s desecrated body. You start feeling sick from the brutality you just witnessed, and you think to yourself, What kind of man is the baron that he could do something so sinister to his own people? To have this much evil in his heart…

So as to not let Eustace’s death be in vain, you decide to take the contents of his bag and put them in your own before you head back to camp — if you manage to find the way back.