The Shaping of Seryth

The Story of Seryth continues! Mind you, I’m not entirely sure where I’ll go with this one. Unlike Seryth’s original tale and now Ezran’s, I don’t have a clear idea in my head of his story’s progression other than that he (maybe) redeems himself. I suppose we will put the brainstorming technique of Living Story Roleplay to the test, then!

If you haven’t read my other Living Story Roleplays, then read the following for some navigation tips: Each chapter is headed by an image with text inside; if you have trouble reading the text, a transcript can be found in the alt text. The numbered buttons at the bottom of the page allow you to change chapters.

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The Search for Seryth

I’ll keep the introduction here short. I’ve started up another Living Story Roleplay character, whose story closely dovetails with Seryth’s in The Story of Seryth. If you’re curious about what a Living Story Roleplay is, check my other explanation in Seryth’s Story!

Each chapter is headed by an image with text inside: if you have trouble reading the text, a transcript can be found in the alt text. The numbered buttons at the bottom of the page allow you to change chapters.

Happy hunting!

The Story of Seryth

This is an experiment into a new form of roleplay in World of Warcraft, where I play through the game and write my character’s story as I go, inspired by the quests and sights I see as I go along.

Though perhaps I shouldn’t call it “new”…? As this is what I feel open-world roleplaying games should be and what most of them were in the past. Unfortunately, since about the Cataclysm expansion, World of Warcraft’s storytelling hasn’t involved a lot of player choice, instead running your character down certain railroaded storylines where your character’s, well, character has little influence on the direction of the story. (Though, to be fair, World of Warcraft has never really involved a lot of player choice, except the kind where you simply chose not to do certain quests!) As Seryth is a character I’ve been wanting to develop a story for for several years, I decided to try this experiment with him to give me some ideas.

Prologue: Born and raised in Westfall, there was nothing more interesting about Seryth than the face he was a half-elf and possessed a rotten temper...
Click the chapter heading images (like this one) for a bigger image for easier reading. If you have trouble loading any of these images, the alt text contains a transcription of the passage.

Da Doctas Tour

Da Doctas Tour was an event for the Summer Festival of 2020, put on by < Da Doctas > guild with some help from the < Shadow Kingdom > guild. Though normally most of our Summer Festival exploits have been logged in our main thread on the official forums, this one had so many screenshots that I thought it easier on the eye and the copy-pasting to compile them here on my website instead.

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How to Improve Warcraft Crafting

I can’t comprehend how some of these things passed testing because basic math…? But at any rate, we’re going to be constructive here, so here’s some ideas to correct the problems with crafting.

Background of This Article

Every so often I’ve been known to post suggestions for improved gameplay on the official World of Warcraft forums. While I have some downtime in light of the coronavirus epidemic (don’t worry, I’m more than safe where I’m at, just stuck at home for a while!), I decided to repost a few of these on my blog here. Continue reading “How to Improve Warcraft Crafting”

Multiplayer Tour with Zaric Zhakaron

To celebrate our latest release (19.12, also known as Aanthirin), Tamriel Rebuilt has put on another stream with Zaric Zhakaron! Though the stream has already come and gone by the time of this posting, below you can find the finished video.

Proper link here:

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