Carpe Diem, Page 18

You strike out on your own, free, but persecuted at every settlement you stop at. You live the life of a pauper for many years until you come upon a mercenary company. They take you in, seeing as you have prior experience as a forager.

After a few years of service, the local lord rewards your captain with a title and a demesne. Pleased by your dutiful service, your captain makes you one of his retainers. 

Many years later, as you sit in a rocking chair by the fire, you reflect on your life. You departed your home in the pursuit of a glorious adventure, yet, the adventure you experienced only brought about your impoverishment and the slandering of your name. Yet in the end, you were able to find comfort in the whole ordeal. Though you suffered many hardships in your life, you cannot say that you did not live it — for better or for worse.

The End