Carpe Diem, Page 29

The night passes, and the sun begins to rise in the east. You can hear some of your group yawning: it seems they had no problem sleeping through the night, even with the thought of possible death on their minds.

You, on the other hand, remained wide awake all night.  It wasn’t the fact that you had to sleep on the ground that prevented you from dozing off, no; sleeping on the ground is no stranger to you. It was impossible to sleep with all the anticipation and doubt flowing through your bloodstream, though. Will this ambush succeed? Will they even come? Will I live through it? Those are the questions that weighed heavily on your mind, and when man is preoccupied with such thoughts, not even the coziest bed invites slumber.

Your thoughts are suddenly interrupted by a sound. It was a whistle, coming from a member of your group. Everyone knew what that meant.

“Keep quiet. They’re here.”

It was now time to see what fate destiny had in store for you. The sound of horse hooves could be heard in the distance, as well as the sound of marching men. It was them, alright. You check your blade once more and ready your javelins; these are the deciding moments of the whole rebellion.

The sounds of the hooves crept closer and closer, growing louder and louder as they approach the tree your company had dragged partway across the road, until… they stopped.

“Damned tree. Soldier! Remove it from the road!”

In that moment, Tani yelled out, “Now!”

Instantly, the guerilla fighters jumped up from their concealment and attacked the guardsmen with their full ire and might, throwing the stones they had prepared, the javelins they had crafted, and triggering the rope traps they had concealed the night before.

Now was your time to act, as well. You rise up from behind the tree and see the baron directly in front of you, sitting on a horse.

  1. You throw your javelin at the baron himself, ending his tyrannical reign then and there!
  2. You throw your javelin at the horse; if you throw it at the baron, you’re afraid you might miss.