Carpe Diem, Page 31

After your successful ambush, the peasants gather and approach the town gates, clearly expecting a welcoming party from the townsfolk. They knock politely, but suddenly, archers spring up from behind the battlements and aim their bows at you. It seems it is you who have fallen into an ambush this time!

One of the archers aims straight at you. You can do nothing now except accept your fate…

Yet, the archers don’t release their arrows. No command comes. Instead, the gates open. The captain of the guard walks out and throws a white flag at your feet. He turns to the side, then, and lowers his head. You are victorious after all! The archers relax.

Suddenly, a crowd of townsfolk runs out of the gates and begins to celebrate all around you. They were finally free, the peasants free to return to their homes, and you — you have created a legacy.

The town celebrated with a feast that night; food and drink were abundant everywhere, and the smiles were heartfelt. You had wandered into this whole ordeal as a regular human being, and now you have left it a hero!

In the morning, Tani confronted you with a sack in hand.  “Here,” he said. “This is for your deed.”

In the sack were provisions for a few days, a brand-new grooming kit, and most enthralling: some jewels from the baron’s personal collection. You thank him, taking his gift and departing Mach’Cathair. On to bigger adventures!

The End