Carpe Diem, Page 37

The night offers you no respite. You’re barely able to get any sleep in, even though you’re exhausted from the day prior. Gods forbid you actually fall asleep and miss your appointment, though — it’d be flogging for you then.

Unable to sleep, you gaze outside the window for hours, anticipating sunrise. As soon as you are able to make out the first rays of the sun as the dawn cracks the sky, you immediately get up, equip yourself, and rush to the front of the captain’s quarters. When you finally get there, you knock on the door… No response, again. So, you push on the door. It’s locked. That’s a good sign.

You stand guard in front of the door for a few hours, nearly falling asleep a few times. After a while, your eyelids begin to fall, outside of your control. You lean back on the wall, fighting sleep.

Fortunately for you though, the sound of footsteps approaching jog you out of it. After a moment, the captain rounds the corner.

“Good morning. Good, I see you were able to follow an order, for once.”

“Reporting for duty, sir!”

“You’re energetic. I take it you had a good night’s sleep?”

You lie straight to his face. “The best I’ve ever had, sir!”

He takes you into his chamber and then walks behind his desk. After taking a seat, he asks, “So, here is what is going to happen. I need you to choose which role you would like to have. We have servants for the meaningless tasks, so don’t think you’ll get off easy. We need plain old guardsmen, and we need scouts. Which role do you prefer?”

  1. You choose to be a guardsman.
  2. You choose to ride with the scouts.