Carpe Diem, Page 4

As the hooded figures lead you, presumably, back to their camp, you are unable to make out anything from their chatter. It’s just the usual sort of banter that you’d hear amongst a group of acquaintances. Because of your blindfold, you trip and fall a few times along the way, but they quickly pick you up and usher you onwards.

Suddenly, the adventures that this great world had in store for you don’t seem so appealing anymore. You were hoping to explore foreign lands, see exotic creatures, find artifacts that were magical in nature or even long-lost technologies, and yet, here you are: captive, awaiting an uncertain fate.

Finally, you begin hearing other voices nearby, first quietly and then louder, as you approach what you assume is your captors’ hideout. You are soon stopped in your tracks. Your kidnappers put you against a tree and tie you up.

An uncertain amount of time passes as: seeing as you’re blindfolded, it’s hard to determine how long you’ve been standing here. Eventually, you hear a group of your captors approach you. One of them goes behind you and undoes your gag and blindfold. When you open your eyes, you see that darkness has covered the land, but you are still able to make out the visage of a rough-looking man with short hair, dark skin, and a pale scar down his left cheek. He has a prominent jawline as well: a rather attractive figure, albeit noticeably of peasant birth.

He asks you a question. “Who do you work for?”

  1. “No one! I was just passing through the lands.”
  2. “Go jump off a cliff!”
  3. Remain silent.