Carpe Diem, Page 42

You say nothing and pretend you don’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Suddenly, out of the side, a javelin flies by and strikes the baron right in the throat, knocking him off his horse. The rest of the group instantly reacts and forms a shield wall.

A vicious battle follows. Your assailants are attacking you with everything they’ve got: stones, javelins, log traps. Quickly, your group gets surrounded, and some of your fellows get killed. Beaten and with despair taking over, you throw down your weapons and beg for mercy.

A rough-looking man with short black hair and a scar down his left cheek appears from the side of the road. He yells out to all of you, “Did you show our families mercy?!”

Your heart sink into your chest after hearing those words. The peasant rebels begin executing everyone. As you lay there, hands clenched, begging for a pardon, the dark man simply raises his sword and strikes you down — ending you in an instant.

The End