Carpe Diem, Page 44

You search around for the stablemaster for a while. Many different questions come to your mind. Is this another one of his tests? Could he be pulling a prank on me? I wonder if he’s already back at the stables? Regardless of your misgivings, you continue the search.

Eventually, you come upon the stablemaster’s horse tied up to a tree, with no sight of him with. Oh, grel! Where could he be? you think to yourself. It’s best to continue the pursuit on foot, so you dismount and tie your horse to a nearby tree as well. You kneel down to inspect the ground around and notice some footprints in a bare patch of mud. You decide to follow them.

As you go along, you notice something strange. At one point, the length between each footprint starts getting larger. A few steps after that, more footprints appear on either side…  A realization strikes you. “He’s being chased!”

You quicken up your pace, and, eventually, the tracks lead you to a small creek. After searching for a moment, you spot more prints on the opposite bank. You leap over the creek and continue your pursuit.

Soon, you begin hearing faint noises in the distance. You slow up, proceeding with more caution. A small camp takes shape before you, hidden expertly in the undergrowth, and you crouch down to keep out of sight. Through the bushes and vines, you can see three men sitting in a semi-circle, and on the ground between them —

You’ve finally found the stablemaster, but he is tied up and gagged! What do you do?

  1. Attempt to rescue him.
  2. Get away and report what you’ve seen to the captain.