Carpe Diem, Page 47

The both of you make your way back to town. As soon as the guard at the gatehouse recognizes you, he opens the gate wide. You make your way through the town, garnering peculiar stares on account of the fact that both of you are riding on a single horse. Once you make it back to the stables, you dismount and go to report to the captain what happened to you. The stablemaster even compliments your performance, lauding you with praise for your bravery and initiative — important qualities for a scout. After filing your report, the captain dismisses both of you. 

In the following months, you keep riding with the scouts, doing sorties into the mountains and picking off any bandits you come across. Eventually, the problem begins to subside, and the rebels become nothing more than the robber bandits common to every land.

Once your service is ended, the captain is benevolent enough to let you keep your steed, at the behest of the stablemaster. Over the months of service, you’ve grown a strong bond with your horse. Plus, it’s certainly better to travel the road with a companion rather than traveling on your own.

And so that chapter of your life closed, you ride off into the sunset.

The End