Carpe Diem, Page 8

What feels like hours pass by, though you have no way of telling for sure: the only hint you have is the gathering of different people nearby and then their dispersal. They’re probably coming in for meals.

You then hear familiar footsteps approach you. As your blindfold and gag are taken off, you notice the same dark man who had beaten you now standing before you.

“Untie the binds as well,” he orders his acquaintance, and just like that, the binds are off: you are finally free! Before you can say anything, he speaks again. “We need your help. In this way, you will earn your freedom.”

You feel reluctant. Why should you help the man who interrogated you and beat you until you bled? Yet, freedom does sound good after spending the night tied up to a tree…

“Fine. What do you want me to do?” you say.

“We need more able-bodied people to help us win our lives back and depose the baron. We will need foragers, agents, and guerilla fighters. Which of these roles do you think best suits you?”

  1. You choose to be a forager. Combat was never your strong side, but you always had a subtle eye and keen senses: the perfect qualities for a forager.
  2. You decide to be an agent. It’s a dangerous job, but seeing as you’re a foreigner to these lands, you’d be the perfect pick. Just try not to be too conspicuous!
  3. You enlist as a guerilla fighter. It’s a hard life, pushing your body to its extremes, yet you feel confident it will not fail you. You have sufficient combat experience; what you don’t know, you’ll learn on the job.