Avaliet is a mysterious island off the coast of the Shey Lands. It would appear to be unsettled aside from the coastal trade towns established by the humans, yet the ‘mari can be found hiding deep in the lush forests and mountain valleys.

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Government: Aristocratic Republic
Ruler: Council of Heads
Common Languages: Ak’ali, Kh’rarlish
Patron Deity: Lunaria

Population Breakdown
  • 40% ilph’mari
  • 30% Little Folk
  • 15% wuyon’mari
  • 10% humans (10% Tarithian)
  • 5% all other races


Capitol City: Greenwood
Square Mileage: 50,000 (main island), 22,000 (associated islands)
Primary Land Types: Coastal, Forest, Mountain

Avaliet map
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Major Cities


Greenwood is the capitol city of Avaliet, and is an uncomfortable mix of ilph’mari, wuyon’mari, and humans. The city is divided into districts to accommodate the three races and, aside from Havet, is the only city on the island that is welcoming to outsiders.


Havet is a port town established by Tarithian humans for the purpose of trade and diplomacy with the greater population of Avaliet. Bunkers in the cliffs allow the town’s citizens to escape the area’s fierce storms.

Rising Heath

Rising Heath is the home of the ilph’mari. This city of treehouses is located deep within Greater Nah’Ke’Tzin. The inhabitants are distrustful and suspicious of strangers.


Steinheim is an underground fortress populated mostly by Little Folk. The city’s associated farms can only be reached by tunnels that run through the middle of the town, making the place one of the most defensible cities in all Talmenor.


Sun-on-the-Lake is a magical city inhabited by wuyon’mari. Located on the banks of an old caldera lake, the surroundings are kept in a perpetual state of summer by powerful magi. Outsiders are unwelcome.

Major Landmarks

The Beaten Path

The Beaten Path is the name given to the smaller islands of Avaliet. In the winter, sea ice forms an unbroken bridge between northern Avaliet and the Shey Lands, from which the area gains its name.

The Clanging Heights

The mountains on Avaliet are collectively known as the Clanging Heights, or “Dzil’Ke Balahn” in the Ak’ali language. They are the remnants of the volcanoes that rose Avaliet from the sea eons ago.


Nah’Ke’tzin is the name given to the verdant forests on Avaliet. Greater Nah’Ke’tzin is located deep in the heart of the forest, where giant trees are inhabited by talking beasts and other magical creatures. Lesser Nah’Ke’tzin can be found on the outskirts of the island and contains flora of a more normal size.


Seppa’Sara is the largest active volcano on Avaliet. The Little Folk call it “Hammer Ringer” and tell folktales of the mountain being inhabited by a demi-god of the same name. The volcano hasn’t erupted for centuries, though its lava is still sometimes harvested for blackiron.