The Reaches

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The Reaches are the tunnels that run throughout the Talmenor continent. Under Krygon and the lower parts of Tarith and Avaliet, the tunnels are below the water table and so submerged. Other places, particularly Yeniden and the Tuthei Shey mountain range, have miles of dry tunnels spanning under the Surface.

The Reaches have their own ecology and politics. Akor’mari, rukh-shami, and Little Folk are the most common races living in the Reaches. Most societies sustain themselves on farming the unique cave flora and fauna, including mushrooms, crustaceans, and the bat-like Theltriels. Other settlements, particularly those founded by the Little Folk, thrive on mining and metalwork.

Major Cities


Firesdeep is a Shey Lands city that is half on the Surface and half in the Reaches. Its surrounding tunnels are well-patrolled by Little Folk soldiers, and some connect to other villages that can only be accessed through the Reaches.

Gymalg G’mai

Gymalg G’mai is located in one of the only parts of Krygon where the Reaches are above the water table. Digging in this area is still unpleasant, muddy work, and so the city’s tunnels do not stray beyond the Homi’nai Hills.


Vuzsdin is the capitol city of the akor’mari, and is found deep under the Hoary Spine of Yeniden. In recent times, most of the tunnels leading to this city from the Surface have been sealed off, leaving many akor’mari trapped in Yeniden.