Dragons of Talmenor

The dragons of Talmenor originate from a species called the khurarl. At the beginning of time, the khurarl were tasked by the gods to guard all magic upon Talmenor. To aid them in this task, these proto-dragons were granted the power of shapeshifting (among other things). That power came with one major caveat: their eyes would always signify their true nature.

When shapeshifted, a dragon or khurarl’s eyes will always match the color of their draconic form, which further matches their alignment, personality, and magical affinities. Though they all have free will, a dragon acting too far out of its alignment will begin to change to the corresponding color. Dragons are born transparent and tend to adopt their alignment from their family (whether dragon or otherwise).

Obsidian (Black)

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Affinity: Acid, Death
Preferred Environment: Swamp

Obsidian dragons create elaborate traps around their homes for both protection and sport. They are infamous for leading unwitting prey into quicksand and then waiting nearby, just barely in view, for the unfortunate victim to slowly succumb before devouring them whole. Their skull-like faces are sometimes mistaken for carrion when they lie motionless in a deep bog. They are infinitely patient and keep grudges for centuries.

Lazuli (Blue)

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Affinity: Electricity, Grace
Preferred Environment: Coast

Lazuli dragons, sometimes called blue dragons, are highly prideful. They like to sun themselves on beaches or cliffs, and seem equally at home in the water or in the sky. They use electricity to stun and disorient their foes. Some folktales tell of them dancing during storms.

Jade (Green)

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Affinity: Disease, Growth
Preferred Environment: Forest

Jade dragons, sometimes called emerald, beryl, or green dragons, live deep in the forest. They embody the savage side of nature: sly and feral. Their lairs resemble overgrown gardens, with poisonous plants that can follow the telepathic commands of the dragon. They also possess the magic of disease. Occasionally they can be persuaded to cure a malady, though the victim often finds themselves eternally bound to the dragon as payment.

Spinel (Red)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Affinity: Fire, Chaos
Preferred Environment: Cave

Spinel or red dragons are destruction incarnate. They are most often found in the Reaches, close to sources of lava. They will sometimes form pacts with akor’mar cities, exchanging their strength for gifts of precious metals or slaves. These alliances tend to be short-lived, as spinel dragons would as soon as devour other creatures than deal with them.

Howlite (White)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Affinity: Ice, Terror
Preferred Environment: Tundra

Howlite, or white, dragons are predatory and cruel. They are known to be the least intelligent of the dragons, and the wuyon’mari of the Shey Lands believe them to be the servants of the demi-god Voice-in-Dark, forever cursed by Shen-Bahan to hunt those who have fallen from the Light’s grace.

Brass (Yellow)

Alignment: Neutral Good
Affinity: Sand, Knowledge
Preferred Environment: Desert

Brass dragons enjoy having conversations with intelligent races, though they may be unbearably verbose for those without draconic stamina. They are sometimes confused for gold dragons, due to both their appearance and their love of scholarship. Sometimes they are called yellow dragons, though they personally view this moniker as an insult.


Alignment: Neutral Good
Affinity: Water, Protection
Preferred Environment: River

Bronze dragons are elusive, preferring to masquerade as fish or other creatures native to their homes whenever they encounter a stranger. Once their friendship has been earned however, they are incredibly loyal. The Yeni believe them to be servants of the River Goddess Mirquiel.

Copper (Brown)

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affinity: Poison, Intrigue
Preferred Environment: Grassland (City)

When the central plains of Tarith were settled, the copper dragons infiltrated human cities to escape dragon trophy-hunters. Like brass dragons, they enjoy spending time with other intelligent races, though they are more given to pranks than seeking knowledge. They will sometimes involve themselves in the politics of Talmenor, pretending to be a cunning noble or loyal soldier.


Alignment: Lawful Good
Affinity: Light, Law
Preferred Environment: Sky

Gold dragons are rare. They are thought to be messengers of Shen-Bahan, only appearing on Talmenor when the god wills. They are capable of powerful spells of both healing and destruction, though they only rarely get involved in the doings of other races. If encountered, they prefer to give out cryptic advice before disappearing in a blinding flash of light.

Steel (Silver)

Alignment: Lawful Good
Affinity: Wind, Valor
Preferred Environment: Mountains

Steel or silver dragons are highly athletic, enjoying flying and sparring competitions. Their natural aptitude for tactics makes them very dangerous in battle, particularly in a group, though they abhor senseless death. They are the most likely of the dragons to aid whom they deem righteous in times of war.