Krygon was once much like Yeniden: a loosely unified country of human tribes scattered throughout the southern jungles and swamps of Talmenor. Then the akor’mari arrived, and with their help, the Mogul rose to power through conquest and blood.

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Government: Military Dictatorship
Ruler: Mogul Kurnaz
Common Languages: the Mogul’s Common, Gontian
Patron Deity: the Mogul

Population Breakdown
  • 40% humans (25% Nulst, 10% Yeni, 5% Tarithian)
  • 25% akor’mari
  • 10% tokagi
  • 25% all other races


Capitol City: His
Square Mileage: 124,000 (main island), 4,500 (claimed islands)
Primary Land Types: Jungle, Swamp

Krygon map
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Major Cities


His (pronounced “hiz”) is the seat of the Mogul’s empire. Its architectural style marries the ziggurats of Nulst with the bladed ornamentation of the akor’mari.

Gymalg G’mai

Named for the akor’mar god Tymalt, Gymalg G’mai is more of a warren carved out of the Homi’nai Hills than a city. Farmland and slave shacks crowd together on the Surface while the underground is riddled with akor’mar dens and Clan fortresses.

Scythe Fort

Scythe Fort is the main fortress protecting the Scythe Pass between Yeniden and Krygon. It guards one of the only fresh-water springs in the Alt’Rhazia Range, which feeds into the Mogul’s Bowl.

Tumanda Hibandu

Tumandu Hibanda is one of the last remnants of Krygon culture as it was before the rise of the Mogul. Most of the city lies in ruins now, its ziggurats only part of the skyline to the surrounding plantations, though some rebel groups still hide in its depths.

Major Landmarks

The Homi’nai Hills

The original name of the Homi’nai Hills is long forgotten, on account of the akor’mari driving out the native population a few centuries back. In the akor’mar language of Gontian, Homi’nai roughly translates to “Sanctuary”, as the akor’mari settled here after fleeing the vengeful wuyon’mari of Avaliet.

The Mogul’s Bowl

Originally named “Mamea Kuliba”, the Mogul’s Bowl is a large river basin that feeds the Krygon population with good hunting and rich plantations. Under the Mogul’s rule it has become increasingly deforested, to the point mudslides are now a major problem for the farms.

Mokri’hou Peninsula

The Mokri’hou Peninsula is guarded by fearsome tokagi. These lizardmen chose to ally with the Mogul, so their homeland has remained un-conquered. If there are major tokagi settlements to be found in these jungles, no one has lived to tell the tale.

Scythe Pass

Scythe Pass serves as the main entry point from Yeniden into Krygon. The hills on the northern side are dry and populated with pines, while the southern side slopes gently down into the wet basin of the Mogul’s Bowl.