The Isles of Nulst

The Isles of Nulst are a collection of tropical islands that are all that remains of an ancient super volcano. The Mamea and Nidama islands are heavily settled by the Nulst empire and their tokagi allies. Other islands are near wild, with animal and plant species found nowhere else in the world.

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Government: Benevolent Monarchy
Ruler: Queen Rasidah
Common Languages: Nyalk’ma
Patron Deity: Mamea

Population Breakdown
  • 70% humans (60% Nulst, 5% Yeni, 5% Tarithian)
  • 20% tokagi
  • 10% all other races


Capitol City: Mamea Nubandu
Square Mileage: 34,000
Primary Land Types: Coast, Jungle

Isles of Nulst map
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Major Cities

Mamea Nubandu

Mamea Nubandu serves as the seat of government for the Isles of Nulst. The island contains a Foreign Quarter for housing guests and immigrants, lavish temples to the gods and their attending priests, the queen’s palace, and a wild game preserve that includes such exotic beasts as dinosaurs.

Nidamu Nubandu

Nidamu Nubandu is the sister city to Mamea Nubandu. This island houses most of the commonfolk of the Nulst, including fishers, farmers, merchants, craftsmen, and the military.

Major Landmarks

Big Eyelet

Though the smaller of the two Eyelets, Big Eyelet has the greater population. The island is settled by a single clan of tokagi, who have covered their island with ziggurats so overgrown they resemble mountains of flowers and leaves. There are no discernable roads, on account of tokagi preferring to swim or climb along the vines spanning between their buildings.

Little Eyelet

Like Big Eyelet, Little Eyelet is densely populated by tokagi, though they are of a different clan than the one who work for the Nulst Empire. Little Eyelet would appear considerably more wild to an outsider, though most large predators on it have been hunted to extinction. There is only one freshwater spring on the island, fiercely guarded by the Nulst military.