The Seas of Talmenor

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The Glass Sea

The full name of the Glass Sea, translated from the Ist’kris’nak’ja language, is “Lights-Shift-Under-Glass.” It’s thought to be a description of the way the northern aurora plays across the frozen sea in the darkest part of winter. The wuyon’mari keep accounts of how they migrated across the top of the globe during the Long Dark, and rumors hold their magical cities still float on top of icebergs at the northern pole.

Bay of Stars

The Bay of Stars is the large bay bordered by the Shey Lands, Tarith, and Yeniden on three sides. Most of the islands are only sparsely settled, though the Nulst and the Tarithians have set up shared military outposts along the maritime route between their two countries.

The Strait

The Strait separates the island of Avaliet from the mainland. It’s a warm water channel, with vivid sea life in its (relatively) shallow waters. The wuyon’mari prefer to call the strait “Light-From-Heart’s-Vein”, though why they call it this is anyone’s guess; the cumbersome name hasn’t caught on among other races.

The Sun Seas

The Sun Seas cover the oceans to both the west and south of Talmenor, though they are sometimes called the West Sun Sea and the South Sun Sea respectively. The Sun Seas tend towards balmy and calm, though their warm water currents are responsible for the seasonal storms off the coast of Avaliet.

The Vasty Sea

The Vasty Sea borders Talmenor to the east, driving a cold water current down the coastline. It’s rumored that the ‘mari migrated across this sea at the dawn of time, fleeing some terrible evil of their own creation. Even in more modern times, rumors exist of evil creatures crawling out of the ocean’s depths to attack coastal towns on the east side. The sea’s frequent storms keep sailors from venturing too far into its waters.