New Game: Delivery!

I know I promised this over a year ago…and now I can finally deliver on it! (No pun intended.)

FoxFireFiction’s first browser game is up and running! Though some additional site modifications will have to take place before I can embed this properly into the page itself, for now you can click on the below link to get started. (Only supported for desktop/laptop computers for now, unfortunately.)

All They Had

He looked at her. He saw her careworn face, her red hair bound up and starting to lose its shine with the onset of her age… He imagined what life could’ve been like, if it was her hand he had held at the summer gala…

This piece was a response to a short writing prompt: write a dialogue in which the two characters are almost having a big fight, but not quite. I chose Tyrric and Mirium for this scene as that’s something they often do! What came out of it isn’t quite a dialogue, but I’m happy with how it illustrates the ongoing tension between them.

As far as canon goes, this scene would’ve been set roughly before Keelath returned from the dead but while Tyrric was still dating Alelsa. It’s not entirely accurate to that timeline though, mostly because I wanted to write a scene that was self-contained –one you could pick up and read without knowing anything about the rest of Sunwalker lore. So, enjoy it as a illustrative piece if not a completely factual one!

Author’s Note

“Lord Tyrric, we really need to talk about your taste in horses.”

Tyrric looked up from the handwritten ledgers spread across his desk. Mirium was standing across from him, hands on her hips, in that “I’m about to make some trouble” kind of way that always set his heart racing.

“Yes. Ah. What about?” he answered, calmly enough despite his distraction. Continue reading “All They Had”

FoxFireFiction comes to!

There’s a new and growing social media platform on the web called, and FoxFireFiction can now officially be found there!

Here’s the link:

More About is a Patreon-like platform where you can subscribe to help support me and my work as well as connect with other community members! Some of you may recall my ditching Patreon back in the early days of creating this website, due to concerns with censorship and payment processes. I’ve since been on the lookout for a similar service, and a couple of months ago I landed on as one of the best alternatives out there. So here we are!

As of writing this post, I’m still in the process of getting my account over there shined up and looking pretty, but the basic functionality is already up. Like, subscribe, share, and all that jazz!

“…Nothing in My Life Worth Honoring…”

This was originally a project for a class that I cleaned up a little more to post here. It depicts Vivec, a god-king from the Elder Scrolls universe, talking (singing) to Shizzal, an original character of mine who I haven’t yet introduced to my blog here.

The audio is from the song “Through Heaven’s Eyes”, which comes from the Dreamworks movie “Prince of Egypt”. Though the context and some of the lyrics (“rescued Tziporah from Egypt!”) are obviously not fitting with the Elder Scrolls universe, the tone and voices I thought fit well with the characters and the relationship that Shizzal, and perhaps many of Vivec’s priests and Buoyant Armigers, have with Him.

Let me know if the video clip doesn’t load properly for you! Unlike some of the other videos found on this blog, this one is hosted directly on this website, rather than being embedded through YouTube, and I ran into some issues uploading it.

(NSFW) And Then There Were Three

This post is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) due graphic scenes related to childbirth and sex. More on the level of PG-13 than R I think, but you hath been warned! Continue reading “(NSFW) And Then There Were Three”