Tarith is a well-settled land of farms and pastures. Mainly humans and Little Folk live here, content to spend generations tending the same fields. The kingdom is held together through a monarch, council, and a legion of knights who are trained to ride both horses and gryphons into battle.

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Government: Feudal Monarchy
Ruler: Queen Caitlin
Common Languages: Tarithian, Bayen
Patron Deity: Carro

Population Breakdown
  • 45% humans (35% Tarithian, 10% Nulst)
  • 25% Little Folk
  • 15% ilph’mari
  • 10% wuyon’mari
  • 5% all other races


Tarith map
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Capitol City: Griffinrock
Square Mileage: 79,000 (mainland), 16,000 (Bay of Stars islands)
Primary Land Types: Coast, Grassland

Major Cities


Castellea is the central trade hub of Tarith. Almost every race can be found living here, though not all are treated with welcome.


Griffinrock is the capitol city of Tarith, built into the cliffs overlooking the western Sun Sea. It contains the king’s palace as well as many mews for the city’s namesake gryphons.


Originally a trading post along a minor trade route between Yeniden and Tarith, Haven has seen a large influx of refugees from the war with Krygon. The town has become something of a smuggler’s den as a result.

Lion’s Head

Lion’s Head was established by Krygon refugees fleeing the Mogul, and so the primary ethnicity is Nulst, not Tarithian. Tarith has adopted the city’s leaders as part of their feudal aristocracy, though not without ruffling some feathers in the High Court.


Stormvale is historically two towns that grew together over the years: Storm, settled by wuyon’mari, and Vale, founded by Tarithian humans. Once divided by war between the two races, the city’s rulers now jointly guard entry into the Shey Lands from Tarith.


Timberfalls is a peaceful village of Little Folk who have made their burrows in the banks of Lake Brightwater and Lake Duskgleam.

Major Landmarks

Central Plains

Most of Tarith’s interior is made up of grasslands, now well-settled by human and Little Folk farmers.

Gryphon’s Aerie

The wooded hills south of Griffinrock are named the Gryphon’s Aerie in honor of the many gryphons who nest in the area. The hills themselves are ancient, their sides made up of sheer cliffs.

Lake Brightwater

Lake Brightwater is the northernmost of the two lakes bordering Timberfalls, and is bigger than its cousin by almost half.

Lake Duskgleam

Lake Duskgleam is the southern lake outside Timberfalls. Its waters are murkier than Lake Brightwater, giving it its name.

Lion’s Rest

Lion’s Rest comprises of dry scrubland and prairies. The Krygon refugees of Lion’s Head graze cattle here as well as a type of giant ground bird big enough for them to ride.

The Tarithian Mountains

Also sometimes called the Footholds, the Tarithian Mountains span the southern border of Tarith. Their lavender peaks are rounded and well-weathered.