Yeniden is better thought of as several city-states rather than a unified nation. The land is a barren one: dry grasslands, vast deserts, and rocky badlands stretching across the middle of the Talmenor continent.

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Government: Tribal Confederation
Ruler: Warlord Zinjifrahr
Common Languages: Sailor’s Speech, Rukh
Patron Deity: Seri-Jon

Population Breakdown
  • 55% humans (40% Yeni, 10% Nulst, 5% Tarithian)
  • 35% rukh-shami
  • 10% akor’mari


Yeniden map

Capitol City: Rivermeet
Square Mileage: 105,000
Primary Land Types: Grassland, Mountain

Major Cities

Desert Fang

Desert Fang is built on top of the most productive ore mines in Yeniden. To protect themselves from the raiders of other Yeni tribes, the citizens built a stone fortress on the highest hill in the area. Krygon has recently conquered the town and employs slave labor in the mines.


Freeport was once a free city-state that focused on maritime trade. Since the rise of the Mogul, it was conquered by Krygon and now serves as the military headquarters for the empire’s push into Yeniden and Tarith.

La’al Sha’ahr

Sometimes called the Singing City by those unable to pronounce its real name, La’al Sha’ahr is built around the dry canyons at the southern end of the Sabatku Desert. The populace is highly reverent of the God of Prophecy, Seri-Jon, and so far have resisted the rule of the Mogul.


Rivermeet historically has been the neutral meeting grounds of all the tribes of Yeniden. With the rise of the Krygon empire, Warlord Zinjifrahr has claimed the city for his own and musters a lukewarm alliance with the Mogul there.

Major Landmarks

Bataklik Forest

The Bataklik Forest is an ancient forest, impossibly verdant for its surroundings. It has a dark reputation, as akor’mari are rumored to live in its depths and keep it alive with black magic. Most who go in never come out again.

Dehitero River

The Dehitero River draws most of its waters from the floodplains of the Fertile Swathe. Its current is gentle in most areas, enough to serve as a major travel and trade route throughout western Yeniden.

The Fertile Swathe

The Fertile Swathe, kept watered by the Dehitero Delta, is home to the peaceful agricultural tribes of Yeniden.

The Hoary Spine

The Hoary Spine gains its name from the bony appearance of its pointed, bleached-white peaks. Like Bataklik Forest, the place is considered cursed and is avoided by most people.


Krachdul is a series of red rock canyons and badlands. They are infested by demonspawn and rukh-shami, though some of the La’aln warrior-priests visit the area as a rite of initiation.

The Sabatku Desert

The Sabatku Desert is comprised mostly of white sandy dunes, though there are rocky scrublands on its west and southern borders.

Sinister River

The Sinister River is sourced from somewhere in the Hoary Spine. Its raging white waters cut a series of canyons through Krachdul. The River is thought to have gained its name from its bitter and poisonous water.