Crosswinds: Gryphon Down

“Tell me where the gryphon is. Now!” she shouted out. Her breath started to grow heavy. Each swing, each thrust dug into heavy flesh… it took a toll on Juliette that wasn’t exclusively physical.

After leaving the sewers, Juliette and Areum spent the remainder of the day travelling to the outskirts of the city. It was where this ‘An’ figure was rumored to be, and the less populated areas would make it easier for them to catch their breath and relax.

However, even in the sparse outskirts of the city, the two found themselves unable to find a place to stay for the night. The risk of Juliette being found out was too great, so they decided to just suck it up and sleep in an alleyway for the night. Neither of them were too happy about it, but it was better than risking capture.

That night, in the middle of Juliette’s sleep, she woke up to the sound of a woman’s voice.

“Are you awake?”

Juliette quickly drew her sword and pointed it at the woman. Areum also rose from his already-light slumber, unsheathing his blade as Juliette confronted the stranger.

“Woah there… I suppose you are awake!”

Upon confronting her, Juliette stared in disbelief. “Your eyes…”

“They’re bright blue?” The akor’mar woman chuckled. “I get that a lot. It goes against my gray skin, so I tend to stand out.”

“Who are you?” Juliette already knew, but she wanted to avoid suspicion by acting otherwise.

“I’m An,” An said. “I noticed you two sleeping here. I have two spare beds at my place, if you’re willing to make the trip.”

“You know I’m no Krygon.” Juliette kept her blade pointed at An. “Why should I just let you be?”

An chuckled. “Haven’t you been outside before? Humans from the Shey Lands are common sights around here these days.” She said, “Anyway, I just came here to offer you two some fresh beds. If you don’t trust me, then I’ll leave you be… but, a part of me says that you two could use the hospitality right now. What do you say?”

 Juliette turned to Areum. A golden opportunity has just landed at their feet. What they thought would be a week-long search has been completed just a few hours after they started. All they had to do was keep acting like weary travelers, and they could discover the location of her home and then report it to Lucky.

So, Juliette kept the act up. “You’re being awfully nice… What’s the catch?”

 “Well, there is one condition…” An put a small smile on her face. “Put down the blade. It’s starting to make me nervous.”

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