Carpe Diem: Page 1

Your story begins as you walk the road by the Krygon border, carrying with you all your belongings and a wanderlust to explore the world. This part of the continent is probably not the safest of choices to walk in, but the endless possibilities excite you.

Along the way, you bask in the multitude of nature’s blessings. Colorful tropical birds sing in the tree branches as they build their nests and flirt with their mates. The musk deer and their fawns prance among the bushes in the search of tender shoots. The melody of a rain-fed river flows by your side.

Eventually, you reach the foot of a great mountain. There, you find that the road splits in two directions: the right-hand path goes up the great mountain and its wreath of jungle trees, while the left-hand path continues into the sweeping Yeni plains beyond.

Which course will you take?

  1. The right-hand path going up the mountain.
  2. The left-hand path continuing into the plains.