Carpe Diem: Page 2

You decide to go up the right-hand path that travels up the mountain. The trek is hard, grueling even. It causes you to break into a sweat multiple times, but eventually, you reach a vantage point that looks down the mountain and into the plains. From there, the harsh nature of Yeniden sprawls out in front of you. You also see something that is not a product of nature — a settlement!

Hmm, it seems you have taken the wrong path after all. Luckily, from the place where you are standing, you can make out a dirt road that leads down toward the town. The night is fast approaching, so it’s a prudent idea to reach this town as fast as possible. With this in mind, you start your long trek back down the mountain.

While forging your way through the thick undergrowth, you hear an unusual rustle in the surrounding leaves. Could danger be afoot?

  1. You continue onwards. It’s probably just a hare or something similar.
  2. You draw your blade. You will be prepared for whatever may come!