Carpe Diem, Page 21

You react instinctually and slip away into an alley between two houses. The area is like a maze, and you have no way of knowing where you’ll come out at. Still, it’s better to keep moving than wait until you fall into the guards’ hands.

As you make your way through the alley you get stopped by a woman. She’s clearly a lady of the night, and she tries to seduce you by lifting up her skirt to reveal her ankles. Unphased, you push her to the side and continue onward. Disappointed, she grumps, “Hmph. Boring git!”

The alley eventually leads you to the cliff face, and luckily, perched on top of it is the baron’s estate. You let out a disappointed sigh and whisper to yourself, “Time to start climbing.”

You begin scaling the cliffs. You’ve climbed many trees in your life, but cliffs are a different challenge entirely. If you fall, that’s it, you’re done. That thought motivated you throughout your climb.

Eventually, you crest the top. An air of relief courses through your body as you pant heavily to catch your breath. After a minute, you come to. Below you is a steep drop; above you, a high wall. And your goal? Just on the other side of the wall. Luckily for you, the baron’s gardener has been shirking his duty, and a trick vine had developed along the side of the wall. You grab ahold of it and climb into the estate.