Carpe Diem, Page 23

From the ramparts, you scout out your surroundings. To your left, the path along the wall leads to the guard tower. You don’t notice anyone in this guard tower, but it’s good to remain vigilant about such things. The courtyard beyond is dimly lit; there are torches only at the entrance of the mansion and at the gate.

You move off to the right, sticking to the ramparts. At the end of the ramparts are some stairs that lead up to the rightmost section of the battlements. As you approach these stairs, you hear a guard coming from around the corner, and quickly duck under the staircase. As the guard descends, the back of his calves framed oddly by the wooden steps, you pull out your blade, thinking it is time to take care of a liability.

When the guard reaches the bottom of the stairs, you sneak up behind him and end him swiftly as you can manage. You know you are now on borrowed time before someone notices he’s missing. The body must be disposed of, so, you pick it up and throw it over the walls along with all his equipment.

That dirty work finished, you check your surroundings again. From your elevated position, you can see into another part of the courtyard. The guard tower is now hidden behind the roof of the mansion, so you don’t have to worry about it for now. Then, off at the far end of the courtyard, you spot your way in.

Inconveniently, a single guard is stationed right across the entry. You’ll need a diversion if you want to get into the granary behind him. How will you go about this?

  1. A subtle diversion.
  2. An obvious diversion.