Carpe Diem, Page 22

You scale a nearby building to gain some elevation over the guards. Because of your subtle nature, you manage to climb onto the building without making a ruckus. From the roof, the baron’s estate is clearly visible now, but so are you. You crouch down and start making your creeping way to the estate, hopping from roof to roof. Most of the residents who are still at home are startled by the noise and open their windows, but luckily they don’t spot you, looking down at the street as they are.

As you near the estate, you decide to take a detour. If you approach it head-on, the guard towers will see you, after all.

You notice a cliff to the side, so you go in that direction instead. Eventually, you reach the roof of the building opposite the cliffside. You look down, and the fall seems rather unpleasant. So, with only one reasonable option remaining, you jump across!

You barely manage to get a grip on the ledge of the cliff, narrowly avoiding your death. As you climb up, an breath of relief flows through you. The climb leads you straight to the wall encircling the baron’s manor, and your goal is just on the other side.

Luckily for you, the gardener has been neglecting his duties. A thick vine had developed on the wall, and using it, you climb into the estate.