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The Hottest Day of the Year

by A. Broadhead

It started innocuously enough, if anything can be innocuous when the empire of Krygon is involved…

SPARROW was a young Yeni farmer, who believed in the Mogul of Krygon with all her heart. NEDDRYN ZAUTH was an old captain of a now-defunct order, with a mysterious and checkered past. Together they must uncover the schemes of the Shadow and the threat it poses all peoples of Talmenor.

Status: Published online! Paperbacks coming soon! Awaiting proof copies.

Tales of Talmenor, Volume I

Welcome, old friend! Take a seat by the fire, and be sure to make yourself comfortable, for tonight I will tell you a tale of Talmenor…

Status: ETA early 2023. Last text edits and book formatting.

The Nameless Accounts

The Kingslayer War.
The First Shadow Rising.
The akor’mari.
These words once struck fear across the continent of Talmenor. For the first time, the Nameless breaks his silence: how one akor’mar broke from the cruelty of his kind and came to govern the fates of many…

Status: ETA 2023. Editing.

The Darkest Hour of the Day

by A. Broadhead

The prequel to “The Hottest Day of the Year”, Darkest Hour follows the initiation of a young akor’mar rogue, Neddryn Zauth, into the tyrannical Krygon Division. Prejudice will not be the only thing Neddryn must face however, as rumors of a gathering darkness rock the proud city of Freeport…

Status: ETA late 2023. Writing and editing.

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