New Site, New Start!

Due to some recent controversy over Patreon, as well as the desire to have better control over my own creative work in general, I have decided to open up a new blog under my own name. (Yay!) Unfortunately, as Patreon is still one of the places I send prospective publishers to preview my work, my account will remain open there a little longer. (Aw.) This said, I plan to differently arrange how I do payments, access, and sharing.

Other Handles

Though this may change as I figure out the whole blog thing, below are my plans for tying my various internet haunts together.

Reddit: Fiction based on the Elder Scrolls universe will often appear here, in a little place we call /teslore/. Be warned: it’s a jungle out there.

Patreon: Though I am still considering this, most of my work will be pulled off Patreon at this point. At the very least I will move off of a subscription based model: I’ve never been fan of pay-gating anything, and I will instead add donation buttons to my blog here for those of you who are thus inclined.

DeviantArt: Yes, I also art! Any illustrations will be cross-posted to DeviantArt.


I don’t believe in paywalls. Everything on this blog will be free to peruse. (Which I will note, is much different than USE–please contact me if you wish to USE anything on this blog, including the images and the writing!) I will of course always accept donations. If you don’t wish to spend your hard-earned cash or otherwise can’t afford it, please instead consider spreading the word and sharing any posts or shorts that you like with your friends!

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