February Update

New Site

First, new site. Yay! If you read my first post on here, you already know what this is all about!

New Story

Second, new story. Yay! I finished a new story today! At 20k words, it probably falls into the category of novella. Just like Hottest Day, I hope to increase this word count to 75k so it can be qualified as a bonafide novel, though that will take some time. I plan to send this around to publications that accept novellas in the meanwhile, to accrue a little more author’s credit under my belt until my big one strikes.

More About the Story:

Like many of my longer stories, it was inspired by roleplay sessions, this time from World of Warcraft. In those sessions, an elf character and a human character fell in love despite the wishes of the elf’s conniving uncle. This is pretty standard fare for roleplay and Warcraft fanfiction, so I went bigger.

In my story, twenty years have gone be, and the elf and the human have indeed married and had themselves a kiddo. Yet, the warring between human- and elf-kind have heated up so much the elf was slain, and the human was forced to give up said kiddo to the conniving uncle, who promised to keep her safe as she grew up. The kiddo had other ideas (as kiddos always do), and sets forth with the intent of discovering the true history of her family and to stop the war–much to the displeasure of the uncle. There are some other twists and turns in there (they are obligatory where this particular uncle is concerned), but that is the gist.

To tie in better to the storylines and world of Hottest Day, yes, the Shadow plays a role in the story, and the akor’mari are mentioned, but I also brought in the Light, and the elf-flavored race of the day are the wuyon’mari, a Light-aligned posh society based in the northern Shey Lands.

Unfortunately, I haven’t come up with a name for this story except the working title of “The Half-Blood”. (This is better than usual, as most of the stories in my writing file are named after their main characters.) If anyone has an idea of what to call this story, please leave a comment below about what you think!

Hottest Day of the Year

Speaking of Hottest Day, I have gotten my third rejection for this novel. I am not letting this live me down and am still in the process of sending it out. No news is sad news, but I will continue until I get good news, or make my own!

A Warcraft Experiment

February also brings with it an experiment. I am edging into the business of selling used books on Amazon. Currently these books are just out of my (and my family’s) collection, but I eventually intend to become a book hawker and go around scrounging unwanted books to add to my inventory. To sharpen my accounting and business skills, I am going to experiment in doing the same in World of Warcraft’s economy.

I have rolled up a new character on a new server, and given her 2 gold to start her Auction House empire with. This isn’t a lot, but then, I’m not starting with a lot either! After a few months of playing the Auction House and recording my doings, I will go over the data and see what worked and what didn’t.

The only rules:

  1. No gold from outside sources, whether that means from questing, loot, donations, or my other characters. This is to simulate what it would be like to have no other income coming in besides that from my used book sales. (Gulp!)
  2. No “farming” for things to sell. The only materials I can sell are the ones my character started with and what I can nab from the Auction House at a cheap price. This is to simulate that the only books I will be able to get are ones bought from elsewhere, whether the Dollar Store, the local bookshop, the library, or garage sales.

Other than that, anything goes, and I will let you know how it goes…

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