Cut-Out Animation

My fall has been a busy one, between time-consuming animation projects for my classes and the general crazy that has been 2020. To tide you over for a couple months more, here is another project from college.

This one comes in two versions, the first being the version I turned in that met the technical requirements where I need to add my own voice-overs and sound effects into a musical track.

The second video here is my PERSONALLY PREFERRED version, which is just the original music with a couple of the more definitive sound effects kept in.

The art style here was created by using a variety of watercolor techniques on physical paper to make some colorful blobs, that I then scanned into a computer program and cut into shapes for my characters. The movements of these cut-outs are then handled by a program called Adobe After Effects.

The audio effects were created through a combination of converting soundtracks from YouTube, recording myself through a cell phone, and then collage-ing these sounds together with the sound editing program Audacity. My professor recommended this software to me, and I’ll second the recommendation! It’s very easy to use and, best of all, completely free!

For copyright purposes: The music clips used in these come from George Gershwin’s “America in Paris”, specifically from an interpretation done by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Gustavo Dudamel. (You can find the recording on YouTube here: Some of you might also recognize the blue dog creature as a gelert from Neopets. This would indeed be another appearance of Kevaar in his cartoon-y form!

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