All Header Pictures

I went and added a bunch of images to the header today. To celebrate, here’s a list of all the images the header contains as of September 2021.

A dead yucca.
Striped sandstone.
Worm-eaten pine branch.
Moss-covered pink granite rock.
Wicker roof (underside).
Aspen leaves from the Rocky Mountains.
Pinecones and pine needles.
Lichen-covered black sandstone.
Twisted dead juniper tree.
Weathered rock (unknown type).
Leaves frozen in ice.
Weathered sandstone near Ute Valley Park in Colorado, USA.
Unidentified flower buds.
Lichen-covered sandstone.
Weathered sandstone.
Sunflower leaves.
Mountain peaks in the Alps near Switzerland.
Mountain peaks as seen from a valley in Italy.
Mountain peaks as seen from a valley in Italy.
Alps mountains.
Dog paw print in cracked mud.
Leaves on an ornamental plant.
Berries (unknown species).
Close-up of moss in the Rocky Mountains.
Lichen-covered gray granite.
Garden of the Gods in Colorado, USA.
Reflection of aspens and pines in a mountain pool.

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