RPG Teaser: Talmenor Priest Domains

In preparation for Talmenor’s sourcebook release, have a sneak peek at two of our brand new Cleric Domains! These are meant to be used with the 5e ruleset.

Water Domain

This domain is common among wuyon’mar clerics, as well as to followers of the gods Voice-in-Dark, Mirquiel, and Talmenor. These clerics focus on the manipulation of water and ice, viewing it as the divine blood of the world. Their powers can heal or hurt with the capricious peculiarity that is water’s.

Water Domain Spells

1st create or destroy water, armor of mirquiel*
3rd blur, gaseous form
5th water breathing, water walk
7th control water, ice storm
9th cone of cold

*available in the upcoming Talmenor sourcebook

Bonus Cantrip

When you choose this domain at 1st level, you gain the ray of frost cantrip if you didn’t already know it.

Channel Divinity: Speed of the Dolphin

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to grant swim speed to yourself or a creature you can touch, equal to half the creature’s normal movement speed, rounded down.

Channel Divinity: Breath of the Divine

Starting at 6th level, you can use your Channel Divinity to grant the effect of the water breathing spell to yourself or a creatue you can touch.

Purify Water

Starting at 8th level, you may bless a small amount of water to divinely purify it, once per long rest. When this water is swallowed or applied to the skin, a creature gains 2d10 hit points and is cured of any poison or disease. This water may be carried in any container that is normally watertight. It remains blessed for 24 hours and is potent enough to be used on a single creature of any size. It cannot be given to more than one creature.


Starting at 17th level, you may transform into a water elemental once per long rest. Your game statistics are replaced by the statistics of a water elemental, but you keep your alignment, personality, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores. You keep the benefit of any features from your class, race, or other sources and can use them if a water elemental is physically capable of doing so. (You may not use any special senses, such as darkvision, unless a water elemental has them as well.) You revert to your normal form after the span of 24 hours or when reduced to 0 hit points, with as many hit points as you had before you transformed.

Earth Domain

The very earth carries magic in Talmenor. This domain is very common amongst the rukh-shami and followers of the god Talmenor. Akor’mar clerics will also sometimes master this domain, the better to shape and manipulate the stone of their underground homes.

Earth Domain Spells

1st darkness, calm emotions
3rd meld into stone, stone shape
5th stoneskin, wall of stone
7th flesh to stone, earthquake
9th meteor swarm

Language of the Rukh

At 1st level, you become fluent in the Rukh language. (If your game is set somewhere other than Talmenor, you instead become fluent in the Primordial language.)

Channel Divinity: Earthern Armor

Starting at 2nd level, you may use your Channel Divinity to give yourself or another creature you can touch a strong and durable suit of rock-like armor. The creature gains 1d8 per your cleric level in temporary hit points. When damaged, the creature first subtracts hit points from this temporary pool. Once these temporary hit points are reduced to 0, the creature begins to take damage again as normal. The armor lasts for 24 hours before dissipating. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier (a minimum of once) and regain all uses after completing a long rest.

Summon Lesser Rukh-Sham

At 8th level, the cleric is able to create a small rukh-sham out of his or her choice of stone, metal, or soil. The creature takes on the same consistency and color of this material, but may be of any shape as specified by the cleric. Unless otherwise agreed upon with your GM, the rukh-sham has the same statistics as a lizard and is unsuited for combat. On being killed, it falls into a shapeless lump of whatever it was made out of, inert until the cleric takes a long rest to restore it to its animated form.

This creature is completely loyal to the cleric and follows his or her mental commands. Once per long rest, the rukh-sham may be commanded to change its shape into something the cleric has seen before or has familiarity with. Hence the rukh-sham might assume the form of a key the cleric has seen, but it cannot be used to form a skeleton key for a novel lock.

Summon Greater Rukh-Sham

At 17th level, the cleric may create a rukh-sham out of his or her choice of stone, metal, or soil. Since this material is summoned directly from the Plane of Elemental Earth, it may be of any kind, though types found in the cleric’s homeland are most common. The rukh-sham gains no special properties from this material and has the stats of an earth elemental. It is intelligent enough to speak but only knows the languages of its creator. It has no free will of its own, but can follow basic commands, given to it telepathically by the cleric as a bonus action. It will also follow the verbal commands of anyone the cleric authorizes.

If slain, the cleric can only revive the rukh-sham by taking a long rest. The cleric may revive it from the material of the old rukh-sham or with entirely new material. The shape of the rukh-sham is up to the cleric, though it does not grant the rukh-sham any special properties.

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