The First Bastion

“That was Henrik. He was oath-bound to serve the Kingdom, and look where it got him. Anyway, it’s not just the new tax, is it? It’s all the other new taxes over the past year. Taxes on windows, on doors, on the number of people living under one roof, the tax for actually having a roof.”

“Damn it all, Lieutenant.  He’s gone too far this time.”  Continue reading “The First Bastion”

Trials, Page Five

Mirium looks at Keelath in annoyance. When Keelath is pensieve and faintly worried, Mirium reassures him, an gives him a kiss.
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Mirium: …

Keelath: heh.. Sorry.

Mirium: Dear… He’ll be fine. He’s your son.

Mirium: And I’m your wife. Trust us.

Keelath: I love you too, Mirium.

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Trials, Page Four

Mirium reads the scroll Keelath had brought with him. Keelath ties his charger to a post and untacks it while he thinks outloud about Evelos' future. Mirium finally has to shout to get his attention.
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It turns out Evelos isn’t the only worrywart in the family.


Mirium: I don’t understand… I thought the Trials were only for the magi. Why do they want Evelos?

Keelath: Well, the Light is a kind of magic. And with us as his parents…! I’m a paladin. You use it to heal. I am certain he has it in him!

Mirium: Yes, but the Trials usually are for destructive magics…

Keelath: Granted, I have never seen him USE Light magic–

Mirium: Keelath…

Keelath: To fight or to heal–

Mirium: Keelath! He’s probably–

Keelath: But if given the opportunity…! …and this is certainly an opportunity…

Mirium: Keelath…

Keelath: Perhaps this will serve to inspire the boy…

Mirium: Keelath, dearest– I think–

Keelath: It will wake him to his roots as part of the Sunwalkers! We will have to leave on the morrow to make it to Yohon’nai on time…

Mirium: KEELATH!!!

Keelath: Yes?

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Trials, Page Three

Keelath greets Mirium and Evelos. Evelos leaves, seeming upset but feigning that he needs to care for his charger. Keelath speculates Evelos will do better in weapons training. Mirium expresses doubts. Keelath shows Mirium a mysterious scroll, saying she's not the only one who is doubting.
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Keelath: Hello, Mirium, my love. Hello, son. Did you have a good ride?

Evelos: I… I should go get Fleet cooled out.

Keelath: Hmm… Still not clicking for him?

Mirium: No…

Keelath: Well, maybe when we move onto weapons, he’ll take to it.

Mirium: Keelath…

Keelath: Hmm?

Mirium: I’ve been thinking. Maybe this isn’t the right path for Evelos. I know you wish him to become a paladin like you, but he doesn’t have that kind of heart.

Keelath: ….

Keelath: Well… You’re not the only one who thinks so…

*(For those who can’t read my atrocious handwriting.)

Trials, Page Two

Evelos, a wuyon'mar elf, is almost unseated from his charger (unicorn). His mother, Mirium, admonishes him. Evelos winces as he hears the greeting of his father, Keelath, as the older 'mar enters from the main gate.
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Mirium: Straighten him up! Don’t let him get away with that! Outside rein! No, no, no…

Mirium: What happened?

Evelos: He wouldn’t listen!

Mirium: You have to be confident and follow through with your commands!

Evelos: But I…

Evelos: I don’t think I’m cut out for this…

Mirium: Oh, Evelos! A charger is a friend for life, but you have to respect each other.

Fleet: *snort!*

Mirium: Isn’t that right, Carrot-Brain?

Fleet: *nicker*

Keelath: Hallo!

Mirium: That would be your father. He’ll want to see your progress–Evelos?

Evelos: …

*(For those who can’t read my atrocious handwriting.)

RPG Teaser: The Akor’mari

Akor’mari (singular: akor’mar) are the cave-dwellers of the ‘mar races, and can be found in most inhabitable parts of the underground Reaches. On the Surface, they are rare… This is to the relief of most other races, who throughout history have suffered the attacks of the akor’mari and term them one of the greatest evils of the known world.

This is a teaser for one of the races being added by the new RPG setting I will be putting out later this year (2019). Being only a preview, some details may change upon publication. Continue reading “RPG Teaser: The Akor’mari”